Here is where I will show you the basics of being a phone tech. 

Red Flags That Techs Look For:

  • Missing, turned, or damaged liquid damage indicators
  • Physical damage; this includes missing pieces, broken flip, cracks in the housing, deep scratches or gouges, cracked screen- basically any way the phone looks abused.

What doesn't work:
  • Bringing the phone in with no battery or no charge to hide damage
  • Saying that you got the phone without indicators or damaged (this is especially true when you have owned the phone for months/years)
  • Yelling, staring at techs the whole time, dirty looks. Most techs are introverts and will try to avoid you.

What will work :
  • Being nice and truthful up front
  • Bringing in your phone with a fully charged battery
  • Describing the problem fully
  • Patience ( Most of the time your phone is one of may they will work on )